Testing Strong!

Help us celebrate the rich heritage of muscle testing practitioners… 54 years and counting!

An amazing legacy our profession is proud of

It’s been 54 years since Dr. George Goodheart made the first correlation between weak and strong muscles. Since then we have been blessed with amazing teachers who have paid it forward.

Why Standard Process still tests strong

From the investment into the Center for Excellence, to improved nutrient extraction processes, to the replacement of synthetic elements with food-based nutrients, to bringing outsourced processes in-house, Standard Process has doubled-down on the whole food philosophy that we have all trusted in for generations of practitioners. Ask your associate rep for our schedule of improved foundational products and new products that are developed to test strong!

 “The most accurate diagnosing tool you can have is in your office, your patient, with Innate intelligence the body language combined with muscle testing.”
– Dr. George J. Goodheart, Jr.

“I developed Nutrition Response Testing out of personal necessity. I bring the work to you out of compassion for a population that has been cheated, as I was, of its natural health and vigor. We have the answers now. Let’s get them into widespread use and get America healthy.”
– Dr. Freddie Ulan

“While attending a Dr. George Goodheart seminar, I was treated for my stomach disease with reflexes in my mouth; these reflexes completely alleviated my problem forever. A chiropractic reflex miracle! I then hypothesized the body had to have other contact reflexes for other dis-eases and pains.”
– Dr. Dick Versendaal

“My heroes have been Drs. George Goodheart, Jimmy Parker, Major DeJarnette, Ray Nimmo (“Muscles move bones, bones don’t move muscles”), and Robert Riddler. I also love to read DD Palmer and BJ.”
– Dr. Scott Walker

Two chances to improve your muscle testing skills in September

We have Dr David Murdock and Sarah Outlaw presenting two separate muscle testing techniques in two separate states on Saturday the 15th!

Listen to Dr. Murdock describe “Cause and Effect” muscle testing technique:

Nutritional Response Testing (NRT)

Sarah Outlaw, M.H., M.S.A.C.N has the largest NRT practice in the country for a reason. She is dynamic and understands how to educate patients. Join us in Des Moines, Iowa for a dynamic and refreshing look into Dr. Freddie Ulan’s popular technique.

Cause Point Correlated Muscle Testing

Dr. David Murdock, DC will be showcasing a technique that focuses on the cause of symptoms and provides Standard Process and MediHerb products based on the effects. Join us September 15th in Chicago for a workshop that teaches the techniques and tests real patients of Dr. Murdock.

Is it time for an updated kit?

New and Updated Test Kit Vials Available!

With all the new and improved products available, when is the last time you updated your kit? Ask Jeff, Stacy, or Eddy what has changed since you last purchase your kit and to request new and improved product vials.

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