Natural Fertility Preconception Resources

Use these resources to add preconception services into your clinic.

Why Preconception Care?

Preconception Fertility Care is all about getting couples healthy before they start trying for a baby. If you have patients that are trying to get pregnant and planning on having a baby, then these resources can be a great start.

What is Involved?

Natural Preconception Fertility Care involves testing (saliva, mineral, or blood), dietary changes, and a grasp of whole food supplementation and Western Herbs. Practitioners should understand how to naturally support unbalanced hormones, indigestion, and poor immunity. Preconception care works best when working with couples. If you are looking for training, Dr. Annette Schippel is teaching a course on November 17th and 18th.

How to Use These Resources

If you are currently working with people on their hormone balance, digestion, and immunity, then you may be ready to help couples get ready for a baby. This is a very rewarding endeavor. There is nothing like helping couples create a healthy child. If you are looking to formalize this process, use the documents below. Contact your local representative if you would like additional support.

Course in Natural Fertility

Dr. Annette Schippel is teaching on November 17th and 18th. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from someone who does this work day in and day out!

Downloadable Resources:

By downloading these documents, you agree that they are for educational purposes only and are not intended to diagnose or treat a fertility or medical condition.

Preconception Fertility Poster (11 x 17in.)

We invite you to download and print this poster to let your patients know that you offer Preconception Fertility Products and Services.

Preconception Fertility Intake Form (8 pages)

We welcome you to use this comprehensive intake form for your natural preconception fertility patients. This 8 page document can bring insight for couples planning on having a baby.

Preconception Fertility Booklet (36 pages)

Use this guide to educate your patients about natural preconception fertility. This 36 page booklet can be combined with the fertility tracking handout and intake form for a complete program in your office.

Preconception Fertility Cycle Tracking Chart (1 page)

Tracking your cycle is important to understanding the best time to get pregnant once the couple gets the all-clear from their practitioner. This chart is low-tech, but highly effective since it contains temperature, cervical mucus, moon cycles, LH, FSH, and activity. Because its on paper, it is very easy to share between couple and practitioner.

Upcoming Seminar

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About the Natural Fertility Course

Dr. Annette Schippel is presenting “Introductory Course in Natural Fertility” on November 17th & 18th: 8:30am – 5:30pm, 8:30am – 12:30PM. The event will be located at The Embassy Suites at 707 Butterfield Rd, Lombard, IL. She will focus on the products, testing, protocols, and case studies that she uses in her thriving practice. 12 Hours of Continuing Education Credit (CE) applied for DC’s in IL, IN, MO, IA, KY; with New York Chiropractic College (NYCC). Applied for 12 PDA points through NCCAOM.

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