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See how Dr. Annette Schippel is helping couples start healthy families.

Our team has been thinking a lot about natural fertility lately… Some of us have gone through the gamut of supplement protocols, testing, and IVF… We’ve come to the conclusion that we are lucky to be in this industry and have access to the right testing and products, but what about everyone else?

The truth is that infertility affects millions of people. Most likely someone you know and love is going through it right now. There’s an overwhelming amount of research that proves infertility rates are on the rise… But how can the average integrative physician learn about natural models that are working to help their friends, family, and patients?

Dr. Annette Schippel gives Jeff West a grand tour of her new office in Springfield, IL.

We interviewed our local fertility expert, integrative physician, and national educator, Dr. Annette Schippel. Her passion for pediatrics and nutrition has led to a large family practice with an emphasis on women, children, and clinical nutrition. 

Let’s get into our interview at her new office…

How do you see yourself as a practitioner?

“I really do consider myself an integrative physician, one that’s looking at the physical body, the structure, so that comes into the chiropractic alignment, but also integrative in looking at what is lifestyle, nutrition, stress-handling, utilizing whole food and really good herbs to help people be better, live better, feel better, live a better life.”

Where do you start when tackling a fertility case?

“You have to have a very good foundational understanding and a way to interpret what’s going on with the endocrine system, because, when it’s fertility, it’s not just ovaries. You have to be able to assess adrenals. You have to be able to look at the thyroid. Certainly, digestion and liver–we know these are always the top priorities. Digestion is infinitely tied to the immune system. I think where people aren’t as successful is if the focus just goes down to the ovaries.”

Dr. Schippel is supported by her Nutrition Manager, Jessica.

What surprised you about doing a lot of fertility work?

“I recognized how much I could change just by supporting overall energy systems. Just by supporting the adrenal and the endocrine system in a general way. That was huge, cause I realized, “Oh, my gosh. Do a good clean-up, a good liver-cleanse, and some really good overall adrenal support, adaptogenic support … ” That was nine-tenths of the battle. And then in some cases, giving them a little bit extra support, certain herbs, certain nutrients are really key for the cycle, pretty much took care of the cycle.”

Dr. Annette showing Jeff live blood analysis examples. 

Do think there is negligent behavior when it comes to prescribing birth control?

“It’s not regular? Birth-control.

It’s too heavy? Birth-control.

Not enough flow? Birth-control.

Ovarian cysts? Birth-control.

It’s birth-control for everything!

99 reasons for it and only 1% of the time is it actually for birth-control. It’s just like taking a piece of duct-tape and putting it over your check-engine light so you don’t have to see it. The problem still there, but you’re just not seeing it.”

Education trifolds that can be found in Dr. Schippel’s patient waiting room.

“They assume that what they’re experiencing must be normal because they’re experiencing it and all their friends are experiencing it. Young adults are intelligent, so when you explain to them the natural process, and why, and the importance of it, then it just all comes together for them, and then they can understand how their body works and why it works that way, and what balance looks like. You can use an example like, if you cut yourself, the body will heal itself. You don’t have to run to the ER and get stitches. The body knows what to do, and it wants to be well. It’s the same thing with our hormones. When there is an imbalance, that is a symptom of the body trying to get our attention. It wants our attention so we can support it in a way that it will correct itself.”

Dr. Annette does a ton of liquid herbal blends!

What’s Your Favorite “Fertility” Herb?

“I would say my single favorite herb for female physiology that helps balance stress and neurotransmitters is Chaste Tree. It’s almost like the herbal multi-vitamin for all females. First, I thought it was limited to just cycling, but as I understand the herb more and as some of the research has come out, in particular about latent hyperprolactinemia, I find it also incredibly beneficial for menopausal females that present with unresolved anxiety.”

Live blood digestion assessment findings.

If you could do it all over again and tell your younger self some words of wisdom, what would they be?

“If I had to do it all over again, that is, when I got out of school, I would have incorporated a health survey of some sort that would directly tell me more about the endocrine system, digestion, and the liver.

I would’ve used the survey as part of my intake form because that would’ve been a way to open up the conversation from the very beginning. …for them to see me more as the integrative physician and not just a chiropractor.”

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