Are your patients getting enough magnesium? 

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There is a 50-50 chance your patients are not getting enough magnesium on a regular basis.

In the United States, half of the population does not get enough magnesium for good health.

Recommended Daily Allowance Average Actual Intake1 Average Mg Gap
400-420 mg (males 19-51+) 350 mg 50-70 mg
310-320 mg (females 19-51) 260 mg 50-60 mg

Recommended daily allowance levels increase for females during pregnancy.

Magnesium matters – an essential nutrient.

Magnesium is an important piece of the puzzle for a variety of enzymatic reactions in the body. These reactions provide a foundation for health. Magnesium is also vital for making proteins, producing energy, and building important bodily components like DNA and RNA.2,3

Magnesium deficiency is associated with many health issues, like:

  • Unhealthy stress response
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Management of blood sugar levels
  • Mood4 (feeling down and anxious)
  • Fatigue

Magnesium sufficiency is associated with many health benefits, like:

  • Reduced stress and better mood5,6
  • Increased fat-free mass8
  • Improved bone health
  • Balance and stabilize systems health
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