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Leaky Gut and Food Allergies

Presenter: Jean Lawrence, CCN, MH, CFMP, ND, NMD, PhD, DABCN
Event Date: Tuesday, April 6th
Event Time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm CT
Credit Hours: 0
Registration Fee: Free

Learn how to test for leaky gut and food allergies with supplement and herb protocols to address underlying conditions.


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About The Presenter

Dr. Lawrence is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Master Herbalist, Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner©, Doctor of Naturopathy, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, has a PhD in Natural Medicine, and is a Diplomate of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition. She is an Advisory Board Member for DirectDX.net. She has several years’ experience with whole food nutrition, herbal nutrition, functional blood work, hormone testing and hair analysis. She specializes in endocrine disorders and digestive issues. She co-manages patients with several practitioners. Her passion is teaching and training other practitioners, and she brings education, information, and entertainment together in a unique style. She has been trained in the ReCODE protocol by Dr. Dale Bredesen that wrote “The End of Alzheimer’s” and also runs genetic reports on patients.

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