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Product Education Sessions

Schedule a 15-minute Standard Process and MediHerb meeting for you and your staff. Take your practice to a new level with a secure, convenient, and organized approach with our team.

Training Sessions

Inside E-Z Mg

Gather around the computer to learn how our certified organic, multi-form magnesium can benefit your patients. This meeting comes complete with practitioner education, in-office promotional materials, social media images, and samples.

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Spice Up Your Metabolism with Metabol

Grab your staff and learn how the spices in Metabol Complex from MediHerb can improve weight loss. Get the office prepared for weight-loss season now. This training includes the popular “Body Typing” questionnaire and reports.

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Introduction to Functional Digestion

Get a 15-minute introduction to running a successful digestive campaign in your office. From survey to free reports for your patients, focus on improving your patient’s health from the inside-out! This is a great talk to have your staff with during the lunch hour.

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How It Works:

  1. Pick your topic and training time
    For Standard Process Account Holders only. Schedule your training and we will confirm with an email and phone call.
  2. Invite your office staff to join
    Forward the email confirmation to other members of your office to learn together.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the education!
    We will go through a 15 to 20 minute presentation with you with plenty of time for you to ask questions along the way. Feel free to schedule additional trainings with our team!

Let’s Chat!

Schedule your session with Jeff, Eddy, or Stacy. To find out who your local representative is, click here.

15-minute one-on-one live video sessions with your Standard Process and MediHerb Representative is the perfect way to learn about our new products and services.

We believe in bringing Plants to Practice through time-tested protocols, innovative educational programs, and by old-school relationship building.


We are the authorized Standard Process and MediHerb support team for Illinois. Click Here to find your local field rep by zip code or city.