Doctors, Colleagues, & Practitioners,

We are a team of educators, field representatives, and supporting staff members. It is our mission to help you incorporate Standard Process and MediHerb products into your clinic. We want to help you build better protocols and integrate sustainable business practices. As you start to learn about what drives our team, feel free to connect with us to see how we can collaborate!

To health and wellness,

Jeff West

Owner of Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Authorized Representative for Standard Process and MediHerb

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Meet The Team

Jeff West

Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Owner
email: jwest@standardprocess.com
phone: (918) 808-0900

Jeff has been in healthcare for over 20 years. Since 2010, he has enjoyed working with Standard Process to support practitioners in their efforts to integrate whole food nutrient solutions into their practices. When Jeff is not working he enjoys time with his wife and daughters, cooking meals for his family or riding one of his several bicycles, often before the sun rises.

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Matthew Krueger

Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Account Representative – Southern Illinois
email: Matthew@ilnutrition.com
phone: (314) 680-2293

Matthew comes to Illinois Nutrition Consultants with a multi-year history of supplementation and nutrition experience. Married to the chiropractic and wellness lifestyle, he, his wife and 2 children enjoy spending time around their farm with their five horses.  Matthew serves at his local church on weekends and his free time mentoring others, sharing his experience, strength and hope, that they may be led to good choices for themselves and their families. 

Matthew is knowledgeable in supporting our healthcare providers and their teams to grow their business through product education and training.

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Stacy Gauch

Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Account Coordinator
email: stacy@ilnutrition.com
phone: (618) 977-1978

Stacy has had the opportunity to support our practitioners over the past two years as an Account Representative in the Southern Illinois area. Having gained insightful knowledge from our practitioners in the field, Stacy will be working with Illinois Nutrition Consultants in a newly defined position as an Account Coordinator.

With an upbeat enthusiasm for exploring new directions for growth, her goal of providing support for our healthcare providers and our account representatives in the field will make a positive impact towards our mission to help you incorporate Standard Process and MediHerb products into your clinic.

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We believe in bringing Plants to Practice through time-tested protocols, innovative educational programs, and by old-school relationship building.


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