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Doctors, Colleagues, & Practitioners,

We are a team of educators, field representatives, and supporting staff members. It is our mission to help you incorporate Standard Process and MediHerb products into your clinic. We want to help you build better protocols and integrate sustainable business practices. As you start to learn about what drives our team, feel free to connect with us to see how we can collaborate!

To health and wellness,

Jeff West

Owner of Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Authorized Representative for Standard Process and MediHerb

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Meet The Team

Jeff West

Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Owner
email: jwest@standardprocess.com
phone: (833) 456-8874 ext. 700

Jeff has been in healthcare for over 20 years. Since 2010, he has enjoyed working with Standard Process to support practitioners in their efforts to integrate whole food nutrient solutions into their practices. When Jeff is not working he enjoys time with his wife and daughters, cooking meals for his family or riding one of his several bicycles, often before the sun rises.

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Stacy Gauch

Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Associate Sales Consultant
email: stacy@ilnutrition.com
phone: (833) 456-8874 ext. 702

Whole food nutrition has been paramount in Stacy’s health as well as those she has helped obtain optimal wellness through Certified Health Coaching. The opportunity to support practitioners as an Associate Representative for Illinois Nutritional Consultants is a natural fit for her. When Stacy isn’t on the road to deliver wholefood nutrient solutions, she stays busy as a mom of three and a wife of 28 years to her amazing husband, Bruce. Her family shares their property with a horse, pony, donkey, 2 miniature pigs, free-range rabbits, chickens, dogs, cats and whatever else shows up. Based in the small farming community of Smithton, IL she feels right at home visiting her accounts in Southern, IL.

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Eddy Holtschlag

Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Associate Sales Consultant
email: eddy@ilnutrition.com
phone: (833) 456-8874 ext. 701

Eddy graduated from Western Illinois University with a Master’s degree in Sports Nutrition, while serving as captain of a Division I football team and maintaining an All-Conference Academic standing. Eddy has been a Standard Process advocate all of his life. Having a father who has used Standard Process in his chiropractic practice since before Eddy was born, he understands the power and value of Standard Process products. Outside of work, Eddy keeps up his competitive spirit by playing volleyball, golfing, running and hiking.

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Jenna Ferguson

Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Practice Growth Specialist
email: jenna@ilnutrition.com
phone: (833) 456-8874 ext. 703

Jenna realized the life-changing benefits of the Standard Process & MediHerb products after working with her Clinical Nutritionist on digestive healing in 2015. Since discovering the power of a whole food based diet, she is dedicated to sharing her experiences so that others may empower themselves with more nutritional knowledge.

As the Practice Growth Specialist for Illinois Nutrition Consultants, Jenna brings her degree in Advertising from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and her passion for wellness to provide your practice with marketing support.

When she’s not working, Jenna might be found at a high-intensity fitness class or hot yoga session in the city of Chicago. Health & Wellness podcasts are her favorite motivational tools and green protein smoothies keep her going.

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We believe in bringing Plants to Practice through time-tested protocols, innovative educational programs, and by old-school relationship building.


We are the authorized Standard Process and MediHerb support team for Illinois. Click Here to find your local field rep by zip code or city.