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See how Dr. Brian Klepzig, DC is changing people’s lives on a daily basis

There’s something about walking into one of Dr. Klepzig’s offices that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Maybe it’s the uniformity of his branding, maybe it’s his easy-going demeanor, maybe it’s friendly staff. Whatever it is, you instantly feel that you are in a loving place filled with highly educated people who want to teach and help, not just “sell” you some supplements.

In an effort to discover how and why his practice is one of the most successful in rural Illinois, we spent the morning with Dr. Klepzig at his Champaign office. 

It becomes obvious…you know this man is very busy, however, he shows no signs of rushing. He takes time with each patient to teach and listen. In this way, he proves his capability and dependability as a primary physician for the whole family.

Dr. Brian Klepzig welcomed Jeff West to spend the morning in his Champaign office for an inside look.

There’s so much information to unpack and a ton of value to bring. How much time do you spend with your patients?

We schedule in 15-minute increments as far as patient privilege, but if I have someone who has a bunch of legitimate questions we just keep doing it until they’re satisfied. I used to wear a watch until about seven years ago, I took that off because I was worried all the damn time, about time. So I just gave that up and it’s just been one of the best things I’ve done in practice. The end of the day seems to work itself out. Okay so now I’m 20 minutes late, well guess what, the last patient needed to reschedule and the next person was running behind and then it was just a quick in-and-out. Now I’ve just made up ten minutes.”

Jenelle keeps things rolling between consultations, helping to build each patient’s custom protocol after their visit with Dr. Klepzig.

The initial challenge in practice one-on-one is how you go from the level of knowledge that I’ve been working toward to something that they can understand. I would rather give people more information, even if they’re not really grasping all of it. It sort of sets the stage. You can sort of see it on their face that they get it or they don’t get it. Don’t get dragged down by it. Over time, you come up with better analogies so you can have that in your back pocket, and just sneak in an analogy that they can relate to.”

Dr. Brian talks about being a life-long learner with Jeff West of Standard Process.

What are you most passionate about these days?

“Everyday you make two million cancer cells and there’s something called the innate immune system that will destroy these. The innate immune system protects you against viruses, bacteria, things like that, and it eats up cancer cells from your body.  

If your intestinal system hasn’t been healthy for quite a few years and there’s system-wide inflammation, your immune system has become confused and it’s mad at things it didn’t used to be mad at. Over time, it becomes mad at your own tissues and mad at cheese and it shouldn’t be mad at either one of them. If it’s constantly fighting things that it shouldn’t be fighting, like cat hair in your house, and the food that you’re eating, it doesn’t have time to gobble up cancer cells.

It’s been proven that you have to make dietary changes to retrain your immune system. What we want it to be mad at are the cancer cells. So we’re hoping instead we can change your diet, with herbs and nutrition, and really switch some things up.

Dr. Klepzig provides natural support to his patients dealing with tough auto-immune cases.

Do you have any go-to functional foods and products when dealing with immunity, that you’re just like “what would I do without this product?”

“I have seen great things happen with AF Betafood. The betaine in AF Betafood keeps bile moving which to me is the area where people get backed up the most. Think about the immune system and everything that goes through the gut–where does it go first? It’s going to the liver. And in the liver, your immune system has to be able to function and take care of all that trash. I tell people that supplementing with AF Betadood is like spraying WD 40 on the inside of your liver, making everything slick, sticky, and hanging out up top and we’ve got to get it moving.”

Dr. Klepzig is well versed in bacterial overgrowth strategies.

“What matters to the patient on the first visit is that we’re looking big picture, we’re flying at thirty thousand feet, I’m looking at all the big players (organs) and I need to know who’s up to the game, who’s still sitting on the sidelines, and whose being loaded into the ambulance.

If we can get the big players going, and get them back on the field then we may not have to micromanage all the other symptoms. A-F Betafood is really one of my go-to’s and yes, it is not only the liver but how the liver is involved in immunity. I would say then we get into the herbs.

What would you tell your younger self?

“Oh yeah, the whole idea of just not getting caught up in one particular (assessment) system…You have to have a way that you’re comfortable with, to evaluate people. And it doesn’t matter how it works for other people, it matters how it works for you. To find it as soon as possible, or find some combination, but definitely find one!

Along with numerous functional lab tests, Dr. Klepzig uses the classic kinesiology test.

I try not to get caught up in one particular form of test. But, when I do an evaluation now, my guiding tool is kinesiology. The fact that I studied blood chemistry, saliva testing, urinalysis, hair analysis, iridology, and any other number of things and just flat out protocols that other clinicians use. Having those protocols in the back of your head all the time is invaluable. I have a way of sorting that information out and that’s kinesiology, that’s what works for me.”

Dr. Klepzig regularly promotes resources from the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Of course, it ties right in to always be studying. When patients mention a book to you write it down and research it. It may not be something you want to look at it. It may just be written for patients and that’s great, but there may be something there. Always be studying.

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