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When: Monday, February 11th at 1PM CST
Cost: Free


Join Dr. Darren Schmidt for a very special webinar as he unpacks the story of his research into Dr. Royal Lee and the products we have all come to respect. Dr. Schmidt has one of the largest practices in the country (top 5) in terms of SP sales volume. He just built a new practice in Ann Arbor, MI and practices muscle testing to find answers to hundreds of tough cases each week with his team of 5 other practitioners.

Dr. Schmidt was intensely ill unknowingly from black mold in 2016 and felt better with the original Dr. Lee products from 1934 which kept him going while looking for the cause. He read Dr. Royal Lee’s original writings in various books and discovered that all the doctors before World War 2 were trying to fix the mechanism of chronic disease, a form of acidosis, which has since been forgotten. Dr. Lee had it figured out in 1934, especially with Cataplex B and G.
What you will learn:

  • Learn why Dr. Royal Lee used B and G vitamins as the base to many of his products
  • Learn what acidosis is and how it impacts immunity, inflammation, and pain
  • Learn how Dr. Schmidt uses acidosis in patient conversation
  • Learn how acidosis is impacted by ketogenesis
  • Learn the products for your patients that use Keto diets
  • Learn Dr. Schmidts favorite immune products




Dr. Darren Schmidt is a Chiropractor who has been focusing 100% on clinical nutrition since 1998. He owns the Nutritional Healing Center of Ann Arbor and is also a professional speaker on health.

Dr. Schmidt grew up working on his family’s farm beginning at the age of 9. He graduated from chiropractic school and started practicing in 1997. He uses nutrition to get to the root cause of health problems since nutrition is the foundation of all health.