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Nutritional Interventions for Common Dysfunctions 

Understand the etiology of intestinal barrier dysfunctions and why patients consistently have altered gut microbiota. The role of antibiotics, food, toxins, heavy metals, stress and insufficient hydrochloric acid production will be evaluated, followed by a 5-step process for rebuilding and restoring a vibrant and healthy microbiome.

A discussion will include best methods for testing and how to interpret the results. Additional research related to SIBO and how these patients require additional nutritional and herbal intervention to restore optimal health. This is a must-have seminar for helping clinicians get to the root of all illness: the gut microbiome.

Dr. Nelson holds a Ph.D. in holistic nutrition along with a Master’s degree in Herbal Medicine. Her passion lies in helping others regain their health through dietary modifications, herbal and nutritional support. Dr. Nelson enjoys working with difficult digestive and endocrine-related cases, helping men and women reach their health potential as quickly as possible. She recently transitioned to a virtual-only practice which allows her to work from her Las Vegas, NV home. Dr. Nelson has gained the respect of patients and doctors alike, providing relevant clinical information both online and at her sold-out educational seminars across the country.