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Brainspan | Dan Johnston, MD

This is a clinically oriented presentation exploring the role of fatty acids to promote health, resilience to disease, optimize brain function, and how to use them in the management of various clinical disorders. The course will also explore the meaning of “health” and the role of the brain to promote, control, and ultimately determine the health and quality of life of all people.


Hair Mineral Analysis | Doris Kutz-Compton, DC

Some common causes of mineral deficiencies and imbalances are stress, drinking water, exposure to toxic metals and chemicals, toxic food supply, chronic infections and unhealthy lifestyles. Over the course of four hours, attendees will learn the value of using a non-invasive test to establish a patient’s mineral baseline. The goal is to correct body chemistry and improve cell functioning using Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis as a guide for targeted supplementation. You’ll find this test useful on its own or in conjunction with other forms of analysis.


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Contact Susan at 314-449-5338

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