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Cause Point Correlative Muscle Testing

Bringing Passion Back into Your Practice

Muscle testing is a powerful tool. The problem is that most techniques do not have a logical approach. According to Dr. Murdock, Founder of Cause Point Correlative Muscle Testing, “most techniques jumble together points in a scan without relating how one point relates to the other. This technique is different. It has a specific and logical flow based on the basic causes that underlie health problems and the resulting effects that are created to produce the individual’s current state of ill health.”

Is the “Cause and Effect” Technique Right for You?

  • Can you demonstrate the cause of your patient’s symptom patterns?
  • Would you like to be able to determine the exact supplements that your patients need?
  • Do you want to learn by watching a technique performed on actual patients?
  • Would you like to get tested?
  • Would you like to learn a predictable cause and effect muscle testing flow?
  • Would you like to learn a technique that earns you a reputation as the guy who figures it out?
  • Would you like to learn a technique that doesn’t change every time you want to learn more?

“I think of my technique like an electrician that finds a problem then traces the wire back to the cause of the problem that lies earlier on the circuit. We can also find out what lies later on the circuit that is affected by that malfunction that we find. I just work the two back and forth until I get a pretty good picture of what this person has going on, how one thing is affecting the other, why it’s there and what needs to be done to fix it. This is pretty much what patients want when they come in. They want to know what’s wrong, why it is there and what do they need to do to fix it. Without guessing.”

Listen to Dr. Murdock explain the history of Cause Point Correlated Muscle Testing:


Workshop Expectations:

  • Learn the basic flow with 13 causal points and 24 major effect points.
  • Learn how to find what specific effects each basic cause is producing in the body to create the symptom picture that is present in the patient
  • Learn how to determine why certain conditions are not getting better
  • Learn how to properly dose and be specific with recommendations that work.
  • Learn cause and effect points that are directly tied to Standard Process products.

Title: Cause Point Correlative Muscle Testing Workshop
Presenter: Dr. David MurdockDate: September 15th from 9am to 5pm
Location: 1655 S. Blue Island in the Large Conference RoomRegistration: $39

About Dr. Murdock and The Cause Point Correlative Muscle Testing Technique:

David Murdock, DC is a chiropractor who started learning Contact Reflex Analysis taught by Dr. Dick Versendaal in the late 80’s. He has owned successful nutrition-based practices in Illinois and Indiana. “Cause Point Correlated Muscle Testing Technique” has helped thousands of patients since 1990. It is based on the early work of Dr. Dick Versendaal and has been transformed into a technique that can simplify your nutrition practice. Dr. Murdock has developed a technique that has a solid foundation of principles that answers the central question, “why am I experiencing this symptom?”

Course Outline:

Basic Causes
Explaining Muscle Testing
Outline Cause Points
Outline Effect Points
Learn how to do the technique
Live Demonstration
Workshop technique
Health is Life
Introduce intermediate and advanced work
Doctor and Patient testing – Case analysis