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Presented By: Brian Klepzig, LAc, DC, NCAAOM, CCN

Learn how to observe what is happening within the human bio-energy field in real-time and in separate data streams.

Applied Bio-Energy Analysis (ABEA) is a system of analysis that utilizes two energy sources to access information from electro-magnetic energy and light (or photons) emitted from cellular DNA. Combined with the “Basic Eight” vial kits, your muscle testing technique is refined.

Starting with a big picture or birds-eye view of the body systems and continuing to refine the view much like using a microscope and continuing to refine the focus on the object that comes into view from the macro assessment. In this systems analysis (ABEA), you will consider both the Eastern and Western view of human physiology while conducting your assessment. ABEA asks the bio-energy yes or no questions based on a muscle test response. The answers one gets are only as good as the questions one asks. ABEA vial system contains the questions and it is up to the practitioner to interpret the answers.