31 10, 2018

Facing the Facts About Fertility (and Gen Z)


Are you ready for the fertility problems that our young people are about to face? If you have not been paying attention to Gen Z (ages 6 – 21), then you may not understand how large a role that natural fertility and preconception services will be playing. Read this article if you would like to learn more about our youngest generation with a spotlight on Chaste Tree.

Facing the Facts About Fertility (and Gen Z)2018-11-01T13:52:40+00:00
8 11, 2017

Blending Liquid Herbs


Select a formula, use a spreadsheet, mark up a label, blend the formula, and provide it to your patient. This is the definitive guide to blending MediHerb's liquid herbs with free formulation and pricing spreadsheets.

Blending Liquid Herbs2017-11-16T21:55:16+00:00