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Case Offers For Your Clinic

Our path to help educate primary holistic healthcare practitioners is called connect, grow, and share. We are focusing on topics every couple months with education for both practitioners and their patients. To help kick start campaigns in practitioner offices, we are offering case quantities to provide samples for practitioners and staff and/or unique savings on some of our favorite products. 

Special Immune Product Promotion

We are now offering until March 1st a special promotion on our favorite immune products. During this limited time, we are giving away promotional bottles when you buy different sized cases ranging from 12 to 72 bottles. This offer is only available through Illinois Nutrition Consultants, not affiliated with the Standard Process Home Office.

Case Offer

  • Order 12 bottles Get 1 Promo Bottle (17% savings)
  • Order 24 bottles, Get 3 Promo Bottles (25% savings)
  • Order 36 bottles, Get 5 Promo Bottles (28% savings)
  • Order 72 bottles, Get 11 Promo Bottles (31% savings)

Promotional Products Case Promotion Eligible

  • Hemp Oil Complex™
  • Immuplex®
  • Congaplex® (Including Congaplex® Chewables) 
  • Andrographis Complex
  • Echinacea Premium

3 Ways To Order:

  1. Order with your local representative by Phone, Text or Email (Include your last four digits of the credit card number on file with Standard Process, a proxy order will be placed and email confirmation sent to you.
  2. Order through the Standard Process website and email your order confirmation to your local representative (some accounts do not want to have an additional shipping charge if they are going to place an SP order anyway).
  3. To receive this offer, you can also fill-out the form (below). We will place a proxy order with a credit card you have on file at Standard Process, Inc. and will confirm the last 4-digits before the order is placed. Illinois Nutrition Consultants, not Standard Process Corporate Office will be sending out the free bottles and Point of Sale Materials requested.

Rules and Regulations

This offer is exclusively for Illinois Nutrition Consultant Accounts and is not affiliated with Standard Process Corporate Office. This offer is valid for orders placed January 1st, 2019 through March 1, 2019. Free/Promo product is calculated by each order placed and is not accumulated throughout the promotional period (For example, if you make 3 separate orders for 12 qty Hemp throughout the period, you will receive 3 free bottles, not 5 free bottles offered for 36 case qty.) Promotional bottles will be delivered by your Account Representative.

Immune Campaign Office Guide

Get your practice involved in our Immune Campaign. We have webinars, blog posts, and social media items that you can repost for your patients.