It’s Time to Focus on Your Heart!

This February we are focusing on Cardiovascular Health. Your heart is composed of different valves and chambers that act like a pump to circulate blood and nutrients around your body. We look at the heart sounds to determine how healthy your heart is. Heart sounds reveal a hidden world of valves, ventricles, work periods, and rest periods.

What Makes a Heart Healthy?


How fast or slow your heart is working.


How consistent your pattern of beats and rest periods are.


How strong your muscle and valves are contracting and relaxing.

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Use this handout to better understand how to support your healthy heart. 

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Test Your Omega Levels

With the Omega-3 Index Plus test kit, practitioners and staff can conveniently collect patient blood samples in the office to send to the Sioux Falls-based OmegaQuant lab for analysis. A personalized report is provided to practitioners and the patient, which will include the Omega-3 Index results; ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3; AA/EPA ratio; trans fat index; as well as individualized recommendations. An Omega-3 Index between 8% and 12% is considered the optimal range.

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